Fandom Tea by beastly beverages


Today’s tea, Blood and Semtex. (By Beastly Beverages)
My personal favourite, black tea with orange peel, ginger pieces and cinnamon.
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The first fifty people to submit a photo of themselves with their favourite Beastly Beverages tea will receive a code for 50% off!

Anonymous sent: Would it be possible to get the Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori design on a mug? I noticed in the store that some designs also appeared on mugs

Hello there!

The mugs all have different designs to the tea labels. I do have plans for Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori designs, but they wont be the same as the tea labels.

I love them equally <3
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Anonymous sent: how long will the 50% off code be valid? ^^"

01 May, 2014

Me and my favour it’s tea, Bad Moon Rising. I love how glittery it goes when the sugar balls dissolve! :)

Me and Cleo and Pinkie :D

Tea :D

Dashie is best tea! ^_^
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This is me with the delicious Full Tilt Diva!
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perfectlycat sent: How do we submit our photos? I can't find a submit box!